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Computer Repair

Troubles with your PC or Laptop? Tired of your computer slowing down? Our company is here for your repair needs! We provide you with the most rapid, qualitative, and reliable computer repair service.

We are fixing any existing problems for you, working with all kinds of brands. You can always count on us!

Services We Provide


1. Software update and installation

2. General computer diagnostics

3. General computer setup

4. Windows installing, reinstalling, recovery

5. Drivers installation

6. Treatment and prevention of viruses

7. Antivirus installation and additional protection

8. Data and passwords recovery

9. Registry editing, BIOS setup

10. Improved graphics setting for gamers

11. Parental control setting

12. Local network integration of a computer


1. Motherboard replacement

2. Graphics card replacement

3. Computer power supply replacement

4. Replacing an optical drive

5. Hard drive replacement

6. CPU replacement

7. RAM replacement

8. Internet, Wi-Fi, modems setup

9. Peripherals installation and configuration

10. Total computer upgrade

11. Assembling a computer to order

12. Dust cleaning

And many much more!

Repair computers of any platform!


Working with HP, Dell, Acer, and others!


MacBook? Mac mini? Mac pro? No matters!


From Ubuntu and Fedora to Debian and so on!


Yes! Even servers!

Remote support - saving time and efforts!

What is it? 

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Virtual Network Computing (VNC), of course, TeamViewer, and some other methods and applications for remote control, desktop sharing,  and file transfer between computers. The majority of issues related to laptop and PC repair might be solved with remote support.

Give us a call! We’ll consult you and help you manage it remotely in a very short time! 

Our Advantages:

* Dealing everything with the highest quality
No matter how difficult the issue seems – we’ll find a way to fix it! Our team has over 10 years of experience in the computer repair field.

* Affordable Pricing
Fixed convenient prices – no overpayments!

* Individual Approach
If there are preferences, wishes, or something you want to add – we’ll make it!

* Loyalty Program
Check out our discount system! (link)

* Remote Support
No need to spend more time and effort than necessary.

Need a computer repair? We have you covered!