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Further expand your customer base, business efficiency, and ROI increase with Data, Analytics & Insights from Vodchits Innovations Corp. 

The clientele is a crucial part of a company’s development, and the higher the number of clients involved, the higher the income, and therefore the net profit of your corporation. In order to constantly expand your consumer base, and, most significantly, not to lose regular and profitable customers, you ought to be aware of the needs of your target audience as well as be capable of satisfying them.

By using our data, analytics, and insights service, you can be assured of the quality, relevance, and demand of your content! Our company strongly increases the engagement of leads, creating a delightful customer experience for you.

Vodchits Innovations Corp works with state-of-the-art analytical platforms, quickly providing you with useful results and helps to realize your marketing plan as efficiently as possible!


Data, Analytics & Insights are three consistent element-stages of information marketing, which will help to improve your relationship with customers and understand their needs more accurately.

Data is processed and prepared information. In a marketing way, this is, first and foremost, information about the company, its target audience, and everything that they come in contact with. Data is a key aspect in the construction and further development of an enterprise’s marketing strategy. The more customer-related reliable information you possess, the more successful your campaign development which reflects on your total performance. The basis of your productive business strategy is set by using the necessary and relevant data that combines information about your customer base, and the economic results of your corporation regarding interaction with them.

Analytics is the most significant step in this marketing method. After collecting data, using contemporary business technologies and a multi-functional toolkit of programs such as Azure’s Analytics, you can explore in detail all the necessary information about your customers, which is divided into lots of structured segments for more thorough and effective analysis. You’ll be provided daily with relevant information on analytics such as a number of people and for how long they visited your hot spot. Moreover, how much every single visitor personally spent time there and what products and services in what quantity ordered and purchased. Everything to the smallest details concretely and meticulously is in analytics.

After conducting analytics, your company will be provided with insights. Insights are the information extracted as a result of analytics that will improve your business, help you better understand your client, their needs, and behavior in general. Knowing the habits of every single customer, it’s easier for you to adapt your marketing strategy more efficiently and profitably. The integration of this knowledge into your work processes and business strategies is vital for the guaranteed and stable development of your enterprise in the field of attracting and retaining profitable customers.

Results and Prospects
Data, analytics, and insights tightly interact with each other to provide you with a better perception of your customers and their activity towards your services and products. Analytics and insights are interdependent and depend on data, which makes an enormous amount of received information clearly understandable. Eventually, the crucial stage takes that processed information and makes it work for your business, predicting your consumers’ further behavior.

With the market moving directly to the mobile era, the number of available information will continue to increase. This will give you the possibility of better customer base behavior understanding, without any damage to its experience. The acquired data contains the information you need to improve and optimize your services, sales, and global way of better future marketing management and development.

Thus, the perfect means to enhance your business and strengthen the marketing campaign of your corporation is through data, analytics, and insights!


Better Decision Making

The insights gained from analytics will affect your further decisions regarding business campaign conducting, which is what definitely leads to the best possible outcomes.

In addition, data analytics eliminates the significant part of guesswork within the confines of advertising strategy planning, creating products and services forms, defining the content type to develop and integrate, and much more. It gives you the whole picture of your clients, which means you are provided with a greater improved global understanding, which affords you to satisfy their needs more efficiently and is beneficial to both sides.

By using the help of contemporary data analytics technologies, the new data will be continuously collected and analyzed, so you will always be provided with fresh insights and be able to adapt to changing conditions daily without losing any financial and time resources.

More Efficient Marketing

You are always looking for the most effective marketing moves to promote your company and keep it afloat. Realizing your audience’s actual needs, you become capable of leading sales with them much more effectively. Analytics provides you with useful insights about your marketing plan performance so that you able to adjust and optimize them to the current situation.

Using Data, Analytics, and Insights tool from Vodchits Innovations Corp, you’ll get insights about those segments of the target audience that are most probably going to be involved within the campaign, and eventually, providing conversions. With given data, you have the power to correct your targeting settings both through automation and manually, or use it to develop various messaging for other segments. Better targeting leads to a higher ROI and fewer expenses for advertising.

Improved Customer Service

Most business tasks come down to the basics – understanding your client and his needs. Data analytics gives you the necessary understanding of your consumers, allowing you to adjust your customer service to their demands. It also helps to build stronger trusting relationships with them, providing a higher personalized approach.

More importantly, the data can reveal the exact information about your clients’ preferences in different spheres, their concerns, interests, etc. Having a common and single location for this data also guarantees that both your sales team and the whole customer service team, as well as the marketing department, are on the same horizon.

More Effective Operations

Every company’s main goals are to increase total revenue and reduce any existing costs, including advertising.

Analytics and insights service streamlines your work, cuts down on most advertising costs, and increases the profit of the enterprise as a whole. With a deeper and more complete insight into your customers’ current needs and wishes, you are wasting less precious time on developing content and advertisements that have nothing in common with your target audience’s interests.

The conclusion is – less amount of finances spent in vain as well as more effective and advanced outcomes from your content strategies and marketing plans. And naturally, except minimizing your costs, data, analytics, and insights service boost your revenue through an enlarged number of conversions or subscriptions and advertising revenue.


Personalized Approach
We realize that every single enterprise is unique, and has its own specific values and purposes, thus requiring a unique special approach to reveal its potential. We serve all corporations from any industry, finding you the best and most relevant approach so you can be on the top of the business cliff.

Professionalism And Experience
Our experts have over 10 years of experience in the DAI area with many satisfied companies as well as their customers! Our projects are always at the highest quality level and highly appreciated by our clients.

Fixed Convenient Prices
We offer DAI services that are affordable for any type of business. Email or call us to get a quote.

Loyalty Program
Check out our discount system to make our collaboration more profitable!

Constant Reports
It’s important for us to have our progress transparent for you. You’ll be regularly provided with full-fledged essential information about DAI progress, so you’ll be able to estimate its efficiency and receive insight into the strategy immediately.

Everything is possible with #vinnocorp!

Our experienced team provides a full suite of data, analytics, and insights related services and decisions, directed on mutual understanding with the client and improving their income. We always have you covered!

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