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Nowadays we are possessing plenty of information all over the spheres of our life, naturally including business. It occurs now and then that the device we’re using is annoyingly slowing down. We can’t find the files we need or get access to a concrete source right in time. Cloud Computing service deployment will help you to avoid such nuisances through data migration to the cloud.

Our team of experts will create a cloud due to your requests and needs, and set it up for your business in the best way! 

With us, providing you with Cloud Deployment and Management service, your data will always be in reach, structured, and safe.


Generally, cloud computing is on-demand delivery of different computing services. Databases, storages, networking, servers, software and analytics among them. These services speed up the implementation of innovations, increase resource flexibility and provide cost savings due to their high scalability.

You’re paying for cloud services you are using only. They help you reduce operating costs, as well as increase the efficiency of infrastructure management and scalability as your business needs change.




An urgent case? Not a problem! The majority of cloud computing services are on-demand and self-service. Therefore, a number of IT resources can be prepared quickly enough. These features give companies ultimate flexibility and eliminate the need for constant load planning as well.


Data processing local centers typically require plenty of resources and servers, as well as hardware setup, software updates, and other routine that takes much time. Cloud computing helps you to avoid many similar tasks, so your IT staff will be able to pay more attention completing vital business objectives. 


Cloud computing allows you to avoid high costs of hardware and software acquiring, setting up and operating data processing local centers, which include server racks, day-and-night electricity for power and cooling, and, as a result – IT professionals to run this infrastructure. These costs are increasing rapidly.


The largest cloud computing services operate in a global network of secure data centers that are regularly updated to the latest generation of fast and efficient computing equipment. This provides various advantages in comparison with using a single enterprise data center, including reduced network latency for applications and a greater scale economy.

Global scale.

The benefits of cloud computing services contain the elastic scalability feature. Within the frames of cloud services, it’s explained as the allocation of the required quantity of IT resources (for instance: increasing or decreasing computing power, storage volume, or bandwidth) when it is necessary.

Security over infrastructure.

For most, a high level of information security is one of the most significant aspects and key components while choosing a service. Basically, cloud service suppliers offer a wide range of policies, high technologies, and means of controls. These services are generally increasing security level, by helping to protect data, applications, and infrastructure from potential threats in total.


Cloud computing makes data backup, emergency recovery, and business processes permanency easier and requiring fewer expenses since data can be mirrored at multiple duplicate sites in the cloud service provider’s network.

Full control worldwide 24/7.

Most cloud service suppliers provide the capacity of their product around the clock, so you’re able to access the system and your personal data using any device supporting this system, at any time, despite your geolocation.


The first cloud computing services appeared about just 10 years ago. Although, a huge number of organizations are already using this technology for a variety of reasons.

Down there are several examples that demonstrate the possibilities of cloud services.

> Create, test, and build your own cloud applications

Create, deploy, and scale web, API, and mobile applications promptly. Use advantages of cloud-oriented approaches and technologies such as microservices architecture, containers, DevOps, and API-based data exchange. Decrease application development expenses and terms with cloud systems that can simply be scaled up or down.

> Data store, back up, and recovery

Protect your data way much more profitable and widescale – transfer it over the Internet to a remote cloud data warehouse, accessible from any device and geolocation.

> Data analysis

Unite your data among staff, departments, and dispositions in the cloud. Then use cloud services like artificial intelligence and machine learning to receive useful information for attaining more reasonable solutions.

> Software delivery on request

Software delivery on demand, also known as software as a service (SaaS), allows you to propose the newest software and updates to customers anytime wherever they are.

> Analytics resources implementation

Use smart models to involve customers and get useful information based on the extracted data.


Not every single cloud is the same as the other one, and there’s no universal form of cloud computing that can satisfy everyone. More than a couple of different models, types, and services have been developed to offer the most appropriate and suitable solution for your needs.

First of all, you need to determine the type of cloud deployment or cloud computing architecture, where the cloud services will be implemented. 

Ways of cloud services deploying:

> Public cloud

Third-party cloud service suppliers are owning and operating public clouds.  They provide customers with their computing resources (e.g. storage and servers ) through the Internet. The whole hardware, software, and other sustaining infrastructure of a public cloud are owned and managed by a certain cloud provider. You use these services and operate your own account via a web browser.

> Private cloud

A private cloud is a computing resource getting used by a single corporation or company only. A private one can physically be situated in a corporate on-premises data center. Some organizations pay third-party service providers for their private cloud maintenance. Generally speaking, a private cloud is one whose infrastructure and services are hosted on a private network.

> Hybrid cloud

Hybrid clouds combine public and private clouds, connected by a technology that enables applications and data sharing. They can be moved from a private cloud to a public one and vice versa. Consequently, a hybrid cloud enhances the agility of business running, expands hosting prospects. It also helps to streamline current infrastructure, as well as compliance and security systems.

> Community cloud

A community cloud is a type of infrastructure intended for use by a specific community of consumers from organizations having common goals (missions, security requirements, policies, various requirements compliance, etc.). A community cloud may stand in the cooperative (joint) ownership, management, and exploitation of one or more community organizations or a third party (or any combination thereof). It may physically exist both inside and outside the jurisdiction of its possessor.

Cloud system building and implementation from experts!

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Keep your business secured, and up and running with your own experienced IT department without breaking the bank!

Cover your IT needs when you need them based on a predictable one-time payment. No obligations, and no monthly subscription.

Allow IT experts to take care of your server infrastructure while keeping your expenses down and fully focusing on your business.

Create, maintain, and optimize your databases with experienced database administrators, improving cost and work efficiencies for your business.

Design and set up a new computer network or ensure the stable and secure operation of the existing one. Safely and efficiently connect your resources with stakeholders wherever and whenever.

Organize enterprise data storage reliably safeguarding your corporate information up to military standard while maintaining acceptable user-friendliness.

Tell your story with a new mobile-friendly website. Smooth user experience and the latest web technologies to fit any project and any business!

Regain access and functionality to your IT infrastructure after events like a natural disaster, cyber attack, critical malfunction, or other business disruptions.

Expert data recovery from digital media and storage devices. The latest tools and methods to restore data from HDDs, SSDs, USB drives, memory cards, RAID, etc.

Remote or on-site rapid and professional fix of your software or hardware issues with desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Resolve various IT issues quickly and easily with an experienced team of certified technical support help desk specialists.

Benefit your business by improving your employees’ skills and knowledge with organized, structured, and goal-oriented technology training.

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