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IT Disaster Recovery

Protect Your Business In Advance!

Today, data is more valuable than ever. In the course of business, sometimes unexpected things happen that negatively affect all its aspects, and this can barely be avoided. That’s why it is critical for every single company to have a plan for IT Disaster Recovery and instant remediation of systems and work processes in order to minimize the damage received from failures and disasters, as well as the maintenance possibility of continuous flowing of vital business operations.

Our team of experts has many years of experience in the field of IT disaster recovery and further prevention of possible various risks and malfunctions, reducing any adverse events to an absolute minimum. We are always ready to help you save your business and restore the necessary functionality and data in the shortest possible time! We will also help you protect it from any dangers in the future by developing an emergency plan based on the unique company’s features. We provide IT Disaster Recovery Services and Solutions that will make your business way more flexible and resilient to any possible existing problems!


IT Disaster Recovery capability is vital for every enterprise. Since an unforeseen emergency can occur at any time, the performance of your business in this segment directly depends on the availability and effectiveness of a disaster recovery plan that will help neutralize the negative consequences of a disaster that has arisen, and in some situations – save your business from total destruction.

Vodchits Innovations Corp professionals have a wealth of experience creating and enhancing a disaster recovery plan to help you protect your information and business from the slightest malfunction or disaster looming. This plan represents a set of algorithms, actions, and responsibilities that, in a certain situation, will quickly help stabilize the normal operation of employees and business processes.

Our step-by-step elements of an IT Disaster Recovery Plan:

Disaster recovery regarding the problem encountered.

Identification and assessment of natural disaster risks.

Initialization of critical applications, documents, and resources.

Distribution and launch of backup and storage procedures.

Testing and maintaining the disaster recovery plan.

We provide continuous replication of critical business processes, applications, as well as systems and their data for the fastest possible recovery in the event of an unexpected failure or its threat. Also, our organization provides cloud-based disaster recovery services for your company’s IT structure. We create images of servers in the clouds thanks to our cloud services, thereby protecting your business both inside and outside.

We always guarantee efficiency and results in protecting your IT infrastructure, adapting to the needs and characteristics of your corporation!


> Application Crashes

In case of any problems inside your applications, our servers protect you, prevent data loss by redeploying them.

> Active Directory Domain Failures

The loss of all the servers on your network due to an active directory failure across the entire domain can have disastrous consequences for your business, so Vinnocorp’s external servers are always backing you up, waiting to receive your traffic.

> Post-Service Pack or Update Problems

We can easily prevent any potential issues that arise when updating and deploying service packs.

> Corrupted Backup

Our point-in-time snapshots and fully replicated server backups take the problem of corrupted backups completely out of your business.

> Hardware Crashes

In case of a failure among your hardware components, our auto-failover processes ensure your network continues to run smoothly.

> Steal

Even if your server data or any of your network content is stolen, our regular data backups still keep your data.

> Fire

In the event of a spread of fire, you also don’t have to worry about losing data from the media. When the physical data storage is getting damaged, our processes will instantly resume the operation of your network in auto-mode.

> Natural disasters

Anything may happen during life, so disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes can completely destroy your business. However, if you save all your data, the consequences become less critical and you will soon be able to stabilize your work and get back to it!

And many other issues you may face! Vinnocorp is always here to help you!

OUR IT DRAAS (Disaster Recover as a Service) INCLUDE

1) Fully Replicated External Backup Server Images

2) External Extra Servers For Redundancy

3) Standby Servers For Pre-Application Migration

4) Instant Snapshots of Local and External Servers

5) External Load Balancing Server Solutions

6) Replication of Critical Data in Real Time

7) Auto-Recovery of Defended Virtual Servers in Case of Disaster

8 ) Instant Recovery of Critical Workflows of Client Systems

9) Simulation Test Without Environmental Impact for Recovery Guarantee

10) Flexible Recovery Options and More!

We guarantee you the peace of mind and immediate recovery of all the lost data and minimized downtime in case of any disaster!

Disaster Recovery as a Service Benefits




> Personalized Approach

We realize that every single enterprise is unique, and has its own specific values and purposes, thus requiring a unique special approach to reveal its potential. We serve all corporations from any industry, finding the best and most relevant approach for you. You can be sure your data will be saved!

> Professionalism And Experience

Our experts have over 10 years of experience in the Computer Disaster Recovery area, with lots of recovery plans made and terabytes of data saved. 

> Fixed Convenient Prices

We offer DRAAS services that are affordable for any type of business.

> Loyalty Program

Check out our discount system to make our collaboration more profitable! 

> Progressive Optimization

We’re constantly monitoring and optimizing your system. If a new, more effective recovery system is released, you will be notified of this for further approval and implementation of this element in your business network.

> Services and Solutions

We provide a wide range of services that reflect the wide spectrum of disasters that we help you to overcome. Our DRAAS will make sure your data is saved and secure to the highest degree!

Trust the professionals and get rid of headaches! Your data is under reliable protection with Vodchits Innovations Corp!

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