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E-Commerce Marketing and Support

E-Commerce In Daily Life and Business

You have probably repeatedly ordered goods during your life and paid with a card via the Internet, making an electronic payment. This is the most common part of e-commerce that almost everyone comes across in their daily life. Globally, e-commerce refers to the sphere of the economy, when trade and financial transactions are carried out on the Internet. In simple terms, this is any transaction made from an electronic device connected to the network, or just an online sale/purchase.

In the current realities, the main point is that e-commerce in broad areas is also at the heart of the global business processes associated with conducting any electronic transactions. From the statistics of recent years, you can learn about the huge leaps in the growth of the digital economy. In this, e-commerce is the core of the rapidly developing digital economy in the world, and the result of the explosive pace of development of telecommunication capacities over the past decade.

Here the conclusion suggests itself: with the growth of the economic part of the Internet, only those companies that have their own mastered niche in the digital world, as well as an understanding of the sale of services and goods through the network, will be competitive. Thus, e-commerce can also be defined as any business activity that, in one way or another, is related to the distribution, advertising, promotion, sale of services or goods via the Internet.

E-Commerce Support Service

So how are e-commerce services implemented, and what do they bring to your business? We have already figured out that today, in the absence of a personal place in digital commerce in your niche, it will probably be quite problematic for you to compete with your competitors. Especially if your company is developing its own product. That’s why having an excellent and developed online trading system is so vital for your growth and prosperity. Our team of Vinnocorp e-commerce professionals can help you and your business maximize traffic and profits, growing your online and internet business by implementing E-Commerce Support and Promotion Services.

With the help of many years of experience, the latest technologies, and proven methods, we will help you increase the number of potential customers on your electronic resource. Your business will be provided with multilateral e-commerce support and modernization, getting advanced in the aspect of electronic trade and its future development. We will improve the SEO component of your web resource, or we will help you create it. Do you have goods and services, but you do not know where to get buyers for them? We’ll deal with that! Not sure which partnerships are more beneficial for your business and who to sell the product to? We will help you determine the target audience and partners for work. Are you worried that your competitors’ e-commerce business is better than yours? Don’t worry – everything your e-commerce business needs is with us at Vodchits Innovations Corp! Let us be your E-commerce assistance!


Main Forms and Directions of E-Commerce

If you try to figure it out, there is a considerable number of types, forms, and criteria by which electronic commerce can be classified. For a better understanding, below we will demonstrate the main directions and forms into which it is customary to divide it.

It is customary to distinguish five main areas:
1) Money transfers from electronic wallets and cards through payment systems on the Internet

2) Internet banking (e-banking)

3) Information sites: webinars, coaching, training.

4) Marketing on the web (e-marketing)

5) Online trading

It also includes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI),

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and electronic insurance services.

The spectrum of e-commerce is also divided into forms or categories, which depend on who is the source of the sale and who is the subject of the purchase of a service or product.
1) C2C. Consumer-to-consumer scheme. A striking representative is the eBay trading platform, where a person, even if he is not an entrepreneur, can put up something for sale.
2) B2B. Business-to-business scheme. It is characterized by the sale of wholesale lots of goods from the manufacturer to the dealer.
3) B2C. Business-to-consumer scheme. Includes any retail transaction between a legal entity and an individual.
4) E2E. Exchange-to-exchange scheme. On the web, this means the exchange of information or transactions between websites, which themselves serve as exchanges or brokers for the exchange of goods and services between businesses.
5) G2C. Government-to-citizens. This includes paying taxes, utilities, licenses, and so on.
There are other schemes, mainly, these are narrow branches of the already listed categories.

How does it work? The Simplest Example

Online shopping is one of the main niches and the most common example in the e-commerce world. With its help, we will consider the algorithm:

1) The client selects any product or service in the online catalog using a PC, laptop, smartphone, or any other suitable device.

2) The request from the server goes to the resource administrator, or to the automated order processing system.

3) The availability of the product in the warehouse is checked against the database, or a request is sent to the supplier about the delivery time of the product. The resulting information is then passed on to the buyer.

4) The client pays for the purchase through a suitable electronic payment system.

5) If there are no problems with payment, then the buyer receives a notification of the successful operation.

6) Next, the application is transferred to the warehouse, where the parcel is prepared for the buyer.

7) At this stage, logistics is involved – the order is sent to the client, as a rule, delivery is made by the courier transporting the parcel on the vehicle.

8) The customer receives an e-mail or SMS stating that the goods are in transit. Further, there is a direct transfer of goods from hand to hand, where the client can verify the integrity and conformity of the goods ordered by him.

Everything is simple and transparent.

Benefits Of E-Commerce With Vinnocorp

Since e-commerce and sales, in general, are now the main source of income in the world, the infrastructure of your business on the Internet is an extremely important factor in your growth and success. So what are the main benefits of using online commerce correctly?

1) Significant Cost Reduction

Effective e-commerce simplifies business processes across many industries.

2) Expanding the Target Audience

We help you find potential buyers over the Internet. This can be done in different ways. You can sell goods to people all over the world.

3) Fewer Intermediaries

E-commerce allows you to work directly with the manufacturer, eliminating the chain of intermediaries.

4) Analytics and Response

The e-commerce service reaps the ability to analyze sales, promotion, and development of online business with 100% accuracy. Our analytics and call tracking systems allow us to monitor the situation and promptly inform you about the necessary measures.

5) Much Less Paperwork

With the development or even an implementation of e-commerce in your business, more and more transactions, deals and other financial elements will be presented in digital form rather than physical.

6) Quality and Speed

Also, e-commerce has a positive effect on the growth of the quality of customer service, as well as the simplification, acceleration, and efficiency of business processes.

And way much more pros for your business!


Improving the networking component of your business, increasing the number of online customers, and web sales – all this with Vinnocorp! We always have you covered!

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