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Programmatic Advertising

Further expand your business popularity and customer base with Programmatic Advertising. 

Programmatic Advertising is one of the most effective and necessary modern marketing methods to develop and improve your business. With a programmatic campaign implemented, you’ll be provided with incredible results while spending a small share of the budget and almost no time at all! Its strategies work within the automated online advertising field, which possesses the auto-analyzation system, measuring every single marketing aspect. It offers incredible business opportunities and Vodchits Innovations Corp is here to help you with it!


Programmatic Advertising is an automatic online process of buying and selling advertising resources. The whole way of transaction flow involves numerous various platforms. It takes the marketing cell to a new level by using software that processes the sale and placement of digital ad displays through the advertising exchange platforms. And takes very little time!

Programmatic Advertising works through computer machines and specific algorithms. It helps to avoid setting up, ordering, and reporting manually, as well as it can minimize the number of everyday activities and reduce time to get to the market. The entire marketing process is rationalized through Programmatic Advertising and becomes more effective and easier to be developed. You can get access to any channels and formats programmatically thanks to programmatic ad platforms that create their database and advertising inventory. 

With a programmatic ad strategy implemented, your company will have more time to plan, optimize and improve your advertisements. Moreover, Programmatic Advertising includes traffic data and online targeting techniques to make impressions more accurate, effective, and scalable, which leads to higher ROI for both publishers and advertisers.



Programmatic Advertising is an automated digital platform that makes purchases of definite advertising areas in real-time. Besides that, programmatic ads also collect, process, and analyze data. 

In comparison with the majority of ways of traditional advertising, programmatic ads possess a high transparency level. You can always track the websites your advertisements are getting to, all the related expenses, and view the user clicking your ad in real-time. You don’t have to wait a period to find out how everything is about to turn out. With the help of regular dataflows and audience analysis, you’re able to adapt your programmatic campaign immediately due to the current changes.

Programmatic Advertising gives accurate predictions so you can explore through the provided information and modify your business strategy to improve its effectiveness and get the best results. This not only allows you to reach your customers directly but also provides a more concrete and deeper awareness of your targeted audience.


Overall, programmatic ad campaigns provide your business with the ultimate reach of leads, much more than traditional marketing strategies. With the current world ruled by digital information, approximately 3 billion users express themselves surfing the webspace in the shape of social networks, media ads, and engine searches. Programmatic media helps corporations get new potential customers every day right on the spot.  With the help of Programmatic Advertising, you can widen your audience greatly, engaging the majority of consumers on the internet. The larger reach your business has, the better ROI it would be provided with.

Thus, Programmatic Advertisements are a significant part of the marketing future. Its targeted skills have no analogues among other marketing forms. Programmatic ad software uses an enormous number of data to exclude all the possible elements involved in traditional marketing strategies. This method implements various pointed approaches. You can set targeting systems up on demographic indicators, choose the exact period of the day you want your advertisements to be seen, and be as concrete as you need, targeting customers based on their preferences, location, web behavior, and sites and applications they frequently visit.


Automation of Programmatic Ads accelerates and simplifies the process of purchasing and showing ads on the internet. With its capabilities, you’ll instantly find out your business results. No more need for manual orders — the special integrated technology that runs programmatic ads do it all instead of you, so you can reach the target audience when they are here to buy. Moreover, using this method, you only pay for relevant impressions, so you don’t waste any extra money for ”untargeted” clicks. It provides your business plans with more flexibility within your advertisements, ad space, and finances. Thus, the default marketing ways are much slower at giving you results, unlike Programmatic Ads. Thereby, programmatic advertising implementation guarantees your business no time wasted on marketing strategies to finish to establish how things will come out eventually.

This displays total performance results, which are constantly developing and generating an efficient and profitable campaign. This generally allows you to put your advertising campaign on autopilot and direct your marketing forces somewhere else. Your company therefore minimizing its ad expenses while achieving more in less time!


Cost-savings and reliable targeting related to Programmatic Ads allow you to develop a more productive and efficient marketing strategy with fewer budget expenses. Special unique targeting options and possibilities mean a less amount of lost impressions since fewer finances are spent on advertising for users who don’t even take a second look at them.  In addition, unlike other traditional advertising space acquisition methods, the programmatic route is vastly cheaper. This is due to the aspect of direct advertising sales from publishers.

Moreover, Programmatic Advertising capabilities provide your business plans with a more reasonable budget distribution. Marketing campaigns can be optimized with real-time actual data, which allows corporations the capability to use their money more rationally while only spending on the elements with visible market influence. Furthermore, according to Programmatic Advertising’s automated nature, any type of probable risk tends to be zero. In other words, high reward and very low risk.

All the above leads to a higher number of conversions and a much better return on investments for your business.

Ready to start programmatic marketing? With programmatic media and ads solving the daunting task of having to use separate platforms to advertise on and choosing the best places to put these ads, you can focus on other company tasks. At Vodchits Innovations Corp, we make programmatic marketing easier for you on various channels like AdRoll. Read more about how our PA can bring success to your company.


> Personalized Approach

Every single enterprise is unique, and has its own specific values and purposes, thus requiring a unique special approach to reveal its potential. We serve all corporations from any industry, analyzing your mission and finding the best approach to bring success to your company.

> Professionalism And Experience

With over 10 years of experience in Programmatic Advertising, our experts have efficiently implemented marketing strategies for numerous companies and increased revenues for them.

> Fixed Convenient Prices

Worried about the huge cost? Don’t worry! We offer PA services that are affordable for any type of business. Email or call us to get a quote. 

> Loyalty Program

Check out our discount system to make our collaboration more profitable! 

> Link Building

Once we investigate your site’s base, we come to the link-building stage, providing you with high-quality content. You’ll see an influx of new customers and incredible results in no time.   

> Monthly Reports

Transparency is key for us. You’ll be regularly provided with full-fledged essential information about PA progress, so you’ll be able to estimate its efficiency and receive insight into the campaign immediately.

> Progressive Optimization

We’re constantly monitoring and optimizing your resource. Even after your website fits all the contemporary PA standards, our experts consistently search for ways to strengthen and develop your PA prospects to expand your customer base and increase ROI.

Our programmatic ad experts show excellence in every advertising element, leading your business to even more rapid growth. Expanded customer base, more leads, and greatly enhanced ROI for your business! 

Based in NYC, Vodchits Innovations Corp. provides numerous digital marketing and IT services to fulfill all your IT needs. Email or call us for a consultation and how we can help.

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