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360 Photo, 360 Video, and 3D Visual Media Services

Looking for a way to impress your customers? Time for new content and new experiences! Present new sensations and memories to your customers with our 360 & 3D Visual Media Services. A whole new world of 360 degrees with 360 photos, 360 videos, 360 tours, and 3D virtual tours from Vodchits Innovations Corp will highlight your business apart from the competitors.

New Experiences with 360 Degree

Many marketers, business owners, and business executives are constantly concerned about the same issue. How to attract the attention of potential consumers? How to extend retain and develop relationships with existing customers? Submit a highlight in the content and make sure you are remembered. Maybe the content of the new generation will be your answer!

Any promotion on the internet today begins with the development of high-quality content. Content is information that can be presented in various forms: text, graphics, audio, or video. Content development is an art and the better the content, the higher the chances of success.

Developing high-quality content, it is important to remember that content is not only information but it is also experiences that are directed toward a targeted end-user or audience.

Quality text content can be deep and complete, revealing all the details of what you want to tell, but it requires full reading to understand. Reading such material takes an average of 3 to 5 minutes. Studies show, however, that people remember what they see better than what they read. Therefore, it is best to provide such texts with diagrams, graphs, or drawings emphasizing key information and conclusions. Also, where it fits is necessary to add photos and make your content interesting. Combining text with graphics, such content formation strategy will be positively perceived by search engines and will ultimately have a positive impact on Search Engine Optimization.

With all that being said, nowadays it is difficult to surprise anyone with standard photos and it is even more difficult to convey new experiences. What really would sink into the minds of your customers and stay there for a long time is 360-degree and 3D content.

Created 360 photos, 360 videos, 360 tours, and 3D tours will give your visitors and potential customers a completely new feeling of presence. Being uploaded to your social networks or to your website, 360 ​​content will give users the ability to manipulate and interact with the content. If you wish, you can use computer graphics to focus people’s attention or place additional information directly in your 360 or 3D content. Tag or paste additional images and graphic elements right inside 360 ​​photos, videos, or tours.

What is 360 & 3D Visual Media Content?

To understand everything and not get confused, let’s clarify some concepts.

What does the number 360 mean? 360, 360°, and 360 degrees is the angle of coverage of the surrounding space with a camera and, accordingly, the angle presented in the photo or video. In contrast to the standard photo taken on a photo camera or phone camera showing a range from approximately 120 to 180 degrees, 360 photos or video displays everything around capturing a visible radius of 360 degrees.

A 360 camera360-degree camera, or, sometimes, the panoramic camera is accordingly a camera with a special design, one or several lenses capable of taking 360 photos and recording 360 videos.

A 360-degree photo or video is content generated by a 360 camera or connected (glued) from ordinary photos. To view 360-degree content, the support of the corresponding program is required. Fortunately, the most popular platforms already have such support. 360 photos and videos can be uploaded and viewed on Google, Facebook, integrated into your website, and viewed with 3D glasses. By the way, the last option is the coolest, since it is really an incredible feeling.

360-degree virtual tour or 360 virtual tour is usually a certain number of 360 photos combined into a single chain allowing the user to virtually look through space or room and move around it. This type of content gives the user a lot of positive experiences, feelings, and emotions.

A 3D virtual tour is an even higher level of detail development than a 360 tour. The fact is that a 3D tour is a three-dimensional projection of space and, among other things, creates a sense of the volumes of objects and the distance between objects in images or photographs captured using a 360 camera or 3D scanner.

Why go 360?

People are constantly looking for services and businesses online aiming to fulfill their needs. Listings with 360 photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest. 360 & 3D Visual Media would be of great help and professionally made 360 photos and 360 videos carefully polished by a graphic designer or video editor can be uploaded to Google My Business, your Facebook Business Page, and to your own website.

360-degree content will give visitors to your website, social media, and other digital properties new experiences and memories. Guaranteed, this will attract their attention and raise their interest. Here are some facts.

According to Google statistics and research:
> Searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time.
> On average, 41% of these place searches result in an on-site visit.

By viewing such photos or videos from the phone, users can manipulate photos and view the full 360 panoramas of their business.

360-degree media can significantly strengthen the marketing of such businesses like restaurants, beauty salons, furniture stores, real estate agencies, exhibition centers, and many others. In general, 360 is relevant for all types of business where it is important to introduce people to the visual component and atmosphere of your business.

Invite customers in with our 360° & 3D indoor views of your business.

> Enhanced User Experience
> Interactivity
> Attractiveness
> Presentability of your business

360 & 3D Visual Media Content Production

We will take professional 360-photos, edit them and stick them into interactive 3D tours using innovative equipment, software, effects, and techniques.

Our Digital Marketing team will help you upload and integrate visual content into the most popular social networks such as Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, your own website, or Search. As a part of our Inbound Marketing and Location-based Marketing, we would be glad to help you collect statistics, measure the efficiency of your content, and analyze the data.

Call or email us today and strengthen your marketing strategy with our 360 & 3D Visual Media Services.

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