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On-Demand IT Services

Imagine your own IT department for an hour, no obligations, and no monthly payments. Fix your glitches, set up new IT infrastructure, equipment, software, or use tech support based on a one-time payment. On-Demand IT Services is the best choice for small and medium businesses.

Vodсhits Innovation Corp is the perfect source for solving all your business issues. We provide you with affordable, modern, and reliable services that will strengthen and advance your company in your industry, organize your business as efficiently as possible, and, of course, increase your ROI. We provide a full multifunctional spectrum of IT services to solve problems of any complexity in your business.


By its nature, On-Demand Services are the same services that are provided in a regular manner. However, the only and main difference is that on-demand type services are provided once and exactly at the moment when they are required. Thus, it is not for a long time and not on the basis of a long-term contract. The implementation of services and the provision of goods takes place in a very short time, without making you wait for extra time to develop strategies and optimize solutions to problems. This way of providing services is much less money-consuming and is ideal for solving the issues of small and medium-sized businesses. Of course, it is better to set up a contact with the IT service provider in advance, so that in case of any malfunction, you do not waste precious time looking for and establishing contact with the company you need. That’s why Vinnocorp is always here to help!


When managing your corporation, concerns tend to appear within various areas of your business, which causes critical downtime and losses. Unfortunately, creating your own entire IT department can be time consuming and definitely costly. Moreover, for most malfunctions, the cost of long-term specialist services can be extremely high and disproportionately inefficient. That’s why on-demand services are also beneficial in this case, allowing you to purchase services as needed. This will help you fix the existing problem in a timely manner without big expenses while continuing to receive profit faster, realizing the maximum of your enterprise.

By utilizing on-demand services, you ensure yourself the high quality and speed of order execution. A company providing this type of service does not have the day-to-day benefit in comparison with having own IT department in the corporation. However, employees of on-demand services are able to quickly identify the essence of a particular issue and effectively deal with it, without leaving any oversights after work is done. A high level of competence and quality of work performed to leave a good impression on the customers, so they are not tended to look for a new company every time they got into similar situations.





IT Consulting

Cloud Computing

Network Setup & Support

Web Design

Computer Repair

Data Recovery

Technical Support

Graphic Design

Cybersecurity Consulting

Website Security

Cloud Security

Network Security

Cyber Forensics

Risk Assessment

Intrusion Prevention

Data, Analytics & Insights

Web Design

Graphic Design

360 & 3D Visual Services

And other available services!


> Personalized Approach

Every company is unique, with its own specific values and purposes, thus requiring a unique special approach to reveal its potential. We serve all corporations from any industry, finding you the best and most relevant approach so you can be on the top of the business cliff.

> Professionalism And Experience

Our experts have over 10 years of experience in IT. Thus, you can guarantee timely and effective results with all our services. Vodchits Innovations Corp has many satisfied companies as well as their customers! Our projects are always at the highest quality level and highly appreciated by our clients.

> Fixed Convenient Prices

We offer on-demand services on your request that are affordable for any type of business. Whether small or medium, our prices are attractive and worth it, without wasting your expenses or time. Email or call us to get a quote. 

> Loyalty Program

Check out our discount system to make our collaboration more profitable! 

> Constant Reports

It’s important for us to have our progress transparent for you. You’ll be regularly provided with full-fledged essential information about your company’s progress, so you’ll be able to estimate its efficiency and receive insight into the strategy immediately.

Everything is possible with Vinnocorp!

Our experienced team provides on-demand IT support and related services and decisions anytime to improve your company efficiency. 

We always have you covered!