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Computer Network Management and Support

Computer network configuration and management (also known as network administration)

In the current technological era, internet connectivity is more significant than ever before. Devices today from laptops and tablets, to smart watches and refrigerators, require a Wi-Fi connection. All IT and adjacent businesses, therefore, require a strong reliable signal for successful and stress-free work. 

At Vodchits Innovations Corp, our experienced team of IT professionals deliver wired and wireless solutions that provide you with setting up a fast and optimally working network in a way related to your preferences in the shortest possible time with high quality. 


Wired Networks

Wireless Networks

VPN (Remote Office Connection)

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Wired and Cabling


– Wiring maps and site research
– New environment cabling or expanding the existing
– Wiring purification and network closet reconstruction
– Search and prevention of wiring problems
– Wireless maintenance, including Ethernet and LAN Cables, multiple routers and, switches to increase coverage scale on larger networks.

– Advice and consultation about wireless network strategy, use, and security
– Wireless research using special tools to reveal issues or project the ones most effective wireless deployment
– Wireless equipment selection and purchase
– Wireless network implementation (router setup, network configuration, etc.)
– Equipment support and maintenance

Which way to connect? Wired and Wireless Network Setup Advantage

Wired Network Setup (Cabling)

On the other hand, Wired networks are stable and reliable. The main advantage of cabling is high network speed. A common network configuration with a speed of 1 Gb/s is available for each client on the network and is not divided between them. Due to the fact that this is the speed in each direction, the total bandwidth can reach up to 2000 Mb/s. There is also support for big packets, which allows you to increase the speed when transferring large amounts of data by reducing the transmission of service information, as well as the processor load reduction. In addition, the wired network works efficiently with wire lengths up to 100 m without any loss of stability and connection speed. 

Moreover, a wired network easily allows you to increase the functionality and size of your network if necessary.

Inexpensive equipment. A gigabit wired network controller is now integrated into any motherboard, which means it is free. Cables are also quite cheap, and you can cut them yourself to the desired length.

Also, a vital advantage of a wired network is its very high security. This is physical security, because an attacker needs physical access to the device, in order to connect to the network.

Wireless Network Setup

Primarily, simplicity, speed, and cost of wireless network deployment are very profitable. It takes a very short time and expenses for wireless system implementation aren’t much. The main, most purposeful advantage of the wireless network is availability (access range). You or an employee of your company can connect and fully work with company resources from anywhere where the access point signal is caught. This distance can reach up to 30-50 meters under good communication conditions. Accordingly, they are not tied to the workplace either and can work from different devices (both PC and mobile). Thus, wireless connection enhances the convenience of working with numerous meetings in separate rooms, or when employees are in different working groups that are often shuffled, etc. 

If the wireless infrastructure has been already deployed in the office, then connecting an additional workstation requires almost no additional costs. Some wireless network technologies also allow you to connect to desktop peripherals (keyboard, mouse, etc.), as well as to conduct presentations on an external monitor without connecting a wire. 

Finally, it can always be connected with a wire. You can connect any PC or laptop – using the port of the access point or just a router is enough. In this case, you’ll get access to network resources without any restrictions. 

Having both wireless and wired systems allows you to plan the most effective network for you and your organization!

High-Secure Remote Office Connection

In the current world, many enterprises and corporations are trending to work remotely, as this area is filled with prospects for the convenient building of relationships with customers and running business in general. If you want to provide your company with a reliable high-secure connection – a remote office connection is a perfect option!

Provided that your business objects are divided into branches in different spots, cities, or even countries, they can be bonded with the use of a remote office network connection. Your remote offices are getting connected by a single network using a VPN connection (Virtual Private Network). A virtual private network not only masks the route of your traffic, but it also encrypts data and hides the visibility of the device you’re working on.

Connecting your facilities remotely in such a reliable way allows you to get quick peripheral access on the other side(computers, printers, etc.) and exchange data safely using a single enterprise management infrastructure.

Our specialists handle every aspect, from initial analysis to maintenance and updates! What network do you need set up? Call or email Vodchits Innovations Corp for all details to keep your business organized and running.