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Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Not strictly confident about your company’s protection level and worried about the safety of your business? The majority of possible cybersecurity incidents are fairly easy to prevent, as well as mitigate and minimize the damage from attacks you have already encountered. Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems minimize damage to ongoing attacks and help avoid similar incidents in the future. This will help prevent significant financial losses, build the trust of your customers, and also provide yourself with peace of mind.

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Intrusion Detection and Prevention in a Nutshell

Intrusion Detection and Prevention are general application security techniques used to mitigate and block emerging threats.


This method (IDS) is a reactive component that identifies and analyzes ongoing attacks using a detection system. It responds to unauthorized program calls that can exploit the user to disclose confidential information and other data. Typically, IDS refers to a hardware device or software application that uses a specific intrusion signature algorithm to detect incoming and outgoing network traffic for abnormal or suspicious activity that does not conform to a specified protocol. Thus, the intrusion detection system, upon detecting a threat, records and then reports information about the malicious activity, while trying to block or stop the activity.

IDS has different types of detection of inconsistencies in the system, of which the most common are detection based on statistical anomalies, as well as based on signatures.

Components of the Work of the IDS

1) Comparison of data in the system with specific malware signatures.
2) Scanning that detects any signs of malicious patterns and signatures in the process.
3) Monitoring the activities of the current system user to detect malicious activity.
4) Monitor settings as well as system and network configurations.
5) Notifying security personnel, or disabling the user upon detection of any security policy violation, configuration error, malware, or virus.

However, despite its obvious advantages such as in-depth analysis of network traffic or efficient and quick detection of attacks, IDS also has its immediate disadvantages. Due to the fact that when identifying threats, only templates of existing signatures are used, new ones can simply be ignored by the system.

Additionally, IDS is only capable of detecting ongoing attacks that have been launched. For incoming attacks, you will need an intrusion prevention system.


An intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is a proactive security method that uses an intrusion prevention system to proactively block application attacks. IPS involves the implementation of remote file inclusion, which simplifies the introduction of malware, and the use of SQL injection to access corporate databases. Typically, IPS are deployed online, actively analyzing and performing automatic actions on all traffic flows entering the network. IPS is mainly represented as special software applications, as well as specially adapted server networks.

IPS perfectly complements the IDS configuration by pre-examining incoming system traffic to filter out all possible malicious requests. The standard IPS configuration uses web application firewalls and malicious traffic filtering solutions to protect them. IPS prevents attacks by dropping malicious packets, blocking IP addresses, and alerting security personnel to potential threats. Such a system usually uses a pre-existing database for signature recognition and can be programmed to recognize traffic-based attacks and behavioral anomalies.

Though some IPS systems are effective at blocking known attack vectors, they do have limitations as well. This is usually caused by the overuse of predefined rules, which makes them vulnerable to false positives.

IPS Working Components

1) Security Administrator Alarm Notifications
2) Recognition and removal of malicious packages
3) Blocking malicious traffic from the source address
4) Resetting the connection and exiting the user from the system in case of alarm
5) Rapid and efficient operation in detection and pinpoint response to avoid false alarms

Though some IPS systems are effective at blocking known attack vectors, they have limitations. This is usually caused by the overuse of predefined rules, which makes them vulnerable to false positives.

As a result, it can be revealed that the main difference between IPS and IDS is the actions taken when identifying a potential incident.

Intrusion prevention systems control access to the IT network and protect it from potential abuse and attacks. These systems are designed to track data about the intrusion and take the necessary measures to prevent the development of an attack.

In turn, intrusion detection systems are not designed to block attacks and will simply monitor the network and send alerts to system administrators when a potential threat is detected.

It follows from this that the combination of the operation of the two systems will simultaneously be able to effectively maximize the security of your business and its IT structures, presenting information about any threats on time, and eliminating them.

Intrusion Prevention Tools

Below is a list of the most popular, affordable, and effective IPS systems for today:

1) Datadog Real-time Threat Monitoring
2) SolarWinds Security Event Manager
3) Open IPS-NG
4) Fail2Ban
5) Splunk
7) Sagan
8) Zeek

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