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Social Media Marketing

Just as consumers have redirected their focus to online platforms, so must the advertising and marketing strategies that are employed to capture their attention. In the digital age we now live in, traditional forms of media, such as television and radio, have become less relevant to the average consumer. The average person spends over 2 hours a day engaging on social media platforms; some of that time should be spent engaging with your brand. Thus, a company should focus on Social Media Marketing (SMM) to target more customer segments.

At Vodchits Innovations Corp, our social media marketing experts develop curated cost-effective plans and strategies to increase your ROI and number of customers. Our company enables your corporation to reach its main objectives, providing you a lower cost per action and a greater number of results on various social media platforms.


Social media marketing (SMM) is the utilization of social networking sites in order to increase awareness, interaction, and positioning. In the digital age we now live in, the average person spends hours on various social sites where they share opinions and interact with each other. Placing your business in this realm will create access to amazing benefits that will positively impact the brand. It will help your company gain more visibility and expand your customer base. 


> Global Reach

Social Media is present all over the world, thus allowing your business to reach far and wide. Platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have millions of users that can be reached through social media marketing campaigns. Using social media strategies will vastly increase the reach of your messaging. 

> Cost Efficient

Social Media Networks are free and accessible sites for everybody, including your business. Compared to high-expense advertising through traditional channels, social media is a platform you own and can use to create and curate content that promotes your business and its message. With the addition of Paid-Search Marketing (PSM), you can control how much you want to spend to advertise your company on various social media platforms.

> Targeted Audiences

Social Media Marketing allows you to tailor your content and messaging to specific audiences. Segmentation by demographics, psychographics, and lifestyle traits enables you to target the exact audience you’re looking to reach. Looking to market specifically to women aged 30-45 in New York who are interested in yoga? You can do that by promoting your content to this specific target audience on social media platforms. 

> Data Collection

All SMM campaigns are measurable due to the ability to monitor and track various analytics, such as engagement, interaction, click-thru rates, demographics, etc. By employing various analytics services both independently and through social media sites, you are able to collect data on the success of your messaging, content, audiences, and overall campaign. This data can then be used to enhance future tactics in order to increase success. 

> Communication & Engagement 

Social Media sites allow for individuals and businesses alike to take part in engagement-based communities. These content-driven networks enable your business to have a direct connection to the people they serve, providing you with open communication and the opportunity to build relationships and engagement.

> Awareness & Recognition

 The communication and engagement that your business establishes on social media will, in turn, increase its awareness and recognition. Branding your business on social media, curating a following, and building relationships will make consumers recognize your brand, aware of your offerings, and put you top of their minds. Thus, this visibility increase will help attract more customers. 

> Increase Conversion

Getting people to your website often proves to be a daunting task. Social media marketing is a modern strategy that allows businesses to increase conversion by meeting their audience where they are – online. SMM enables businesses to produce content and engage with customers on social networking sites. Building your social image and the relationships you have with consumers will increase interaction, click-thru, and conversion. 

> Controllability

Social media marketing is an extremely flexible strategy, as it is a constant flow of created and curated content across various platforms. Money can be spent promoting content, but it doesn’t have to. SMM allows businesses to control their accounts, their image, and the content they publish. This flexibility allows for fluidity and transparency that sets social media apart as a strategy. 


> Personalized Collaboration

We realize that every single enterprise is unique, and has its own specific values and purposes, requiring a unique special approach to reveal its potential. We serve all corporations from any industry,  collaborating on finding the best and most relevant approach for you to be on the top of the business.

> Curated Content/Posts

Based on your company and its products/services, we help with the layout of your social media platform. Additionally, we assist in scheduling posts/services, the type of posts, hashtags, and more. 

> Professionalism And Experience

Our experts have over 10 years of experience in SMM, with significant results for corporations big and small. Many of our customers have been satisfied with their overall SMM results and performance. 

> Flexible, Convenient Prices

We offer Social Media Marketing services based on your website needs and performance. Get the flexibility of financial control in how much you spend on social media marketing. 

> Monthly Reports

It’s important for us to have our progress transparent for you. You’ll be regularly provided with full-fledged essential information about your website progress, so you’ll be able to track efficiency and develop more strategies immediately.

> Constant Optimization

We’re constantly monitoring website trends and statistics. Even after your website gains results in your SMM, our experts consistently search for ways to strengthen and develop your SMM prospects to increase your income and number of customers.

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