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If you want to grow your business online and are looking for an opportunity to increase traffic and visitors to your website, then search engine optimization is what you need!

Despite all the AI hype, SEO still plays a significant role in digital marketing in 2024. The search engine optimization process has become more dynamic, smarter, and in some ways more complex. However, at the same time, millions of people turn to search engines every day when looking for products, services, and various solutions in everyday life.

Today, search engine optimization remains one of the main methods for strategically increasing website traffic. If you want to establish your online presence and attract visitors, it is not enough to just create a beautiful website. Content on your website must also be thought out logically and organized in a structured manner to attract traffic. The process of search engine optimization helps search engines understand what your page is about and what queries it is best to serve to users.

Find out how your website can be successful with Vodchits Innovations! Our company has numerous of experience and the necessary expertise to help you improve the position of your site in searches bringing your site to the first page and ultimately increasing the number of visitors.

SEO Helps Your Website Rank Higher in Most Search Engines

Although online search today is mostly associated with Google, making certain changes to your site and content can help make it more attractive to most modern search engines. Search Engine Optimization helps improve your rankings for specific keywords and phrases related to your business on the results pages of all major popular search engines.


Yes, Yes! There is absolutely no need to advertise the number one search engine on the planet. Here are some fresh facts about Google in 2024:

*Data as of January 2024

Considering the convenience for users when searching for local and regional products and services, the popularity and recognition of the name, as well as the number of daily users, it is not surprising that many businesses are looking to get into Google and improve their rankings by using professional SEO services and content marketing. If your business doesn’t exist on Google, it simply doesn’t exist.

How Does SEO Benefit Your Business?

Search engine optimization is one of the key types of modern digital marketing. Along with having your own website, content or social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization provides many benefits to a business. One of the fundamental advantages of search engine optimization is the ability of your potential customers to find your company, your products or services on the Internet.

Here are the most striking benefits your business can gain with proper SEO:

Increased Organic Traffic

Better User Experience


Higher Conversion Rates

Builds Credibility and Authority

Why Choose Our SEO Services?

Customized SEO Strategies

We understand the challenges facing businesses and strive to adapt to each client’s unique circumstances and competitive environment.

Our SEO begins by studying each client’s business model and the circumstances and competitive environment in which it will develop. We want to know your business model, services, products, benefits, competitors, and all other details. Each service plan is tailored to a specific client. That’s why our SEO services are truly flexible and adaptable.

Whether it is a telecommunications company, a medical clinic, a law firm, an educational school, a beauty salon, or a restaurant, we will find the optimal approach and determine an effective SEO strategy!

Digital Marketing Services to Grow Your Business
Paid Search Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising in Search Engines

Keyword Research and Analysis

Successful SEO starts from rigorous keyword research and analysis.

Based on aggregate data from several sources, taking into account statistics and behavioral analysis, we identify the most favorable and effective keywords.

If necessary, we will help you choose the right names for products and services so that they coincide with the intentions and thoughts of your potential customers.

On-Page Optimization

We carefully analyze every page of your website for possible improvements, among other things including:

Vodchits Innovations website maintenance mode background
Employee IT Training and Development for Business in NYC

Off-Page SEO and Link Building

Off-site search engine optimization or off-page SEO plays an important role in achieving results and consists of building a strategy for publishing and mentioning your business on third-party resources, as well as acquiring backlinks to website pages. That is why our search engine optimization plans include, among other things:

Mobile Optimization

Implementing a successful search engine optimization strategy requires a website built with the right technology and well optimized for mobile devices. This is important for three reasons:

Our web development team will conduct a thorough analysis of your website pages and take care of full compatibility with mobile devices and SEO optimization of the mobile version.

Advertise Online with Precise Targeting using Programmatic Advertising

Local SEO Services

We know how important it is for businesses to be available to local customers when they are looking for local products or services. If you provide local services or have a storefront, we will help you build effective Local SEO to increase local mentions and overall visibility of your business, products, and services to local audiences.

We will update and synchronize your content, set up your profiles for maximum efficiency and greater coverage in search engines, and establish interaction with your local audience in:

Google Business Profile

Bing Places Listing

Apple Maps Listing

Yelp Business Listing

Transparent Reporting and Analysis

All clients subscribed to our SEO service plans or digital marketing plans receive regular briefings, open exchange of information, and joint analysis of the resulting data.

Transparent reporting and joint analysis help both us, and you, see an objective picture, identify potential challenges promptly, determine priorities, apply more efforts towards achieving your current business goals, and adapt your overall marketing strategy and model.

We work together and your success is our success!

Marketing Data, Analytics & Insights for Business in NYC
Web Design and Development in NYC

Technical SEO

Successful search engine optimization and promotion of your website begins with the right technological solutions and back-end. Hosting, server technologies, website platforms, website technologies, and much more directly affect the promotion capabilities of your business.

Our qualified and experienced web development team will help you resolve all the technological issues necessary for success.

Available SEO Plans



Suitable for small business or startups. Covers small towns or districts.



Best plan for large business and enterprises. Aimed at SEO development within vast metropolitan areas, such as New York State.



The most advanced plan. Advised to giant corporations with many branches in different states or countries. Conducted at national and global levels.

What Our Clients Saying

Svetlana Rakhman, Vodchits Innovations Client
"We’re always ordering many services from this company; logos, website, website promotion, digital marketing, content development and system administration. More than satisfied with their service! Very personal approach and support. You can easily stay focused on your business development knowing that your IT needs are covered. Thank you!"
Svetlana Rakhman
Chief Executive Officer
Imani Teasley, Vodchits Innovations Client
"I’m not one for computers and how marketing works but Vodchits Innovations Corp makes it easy for me to understand. They’re patient, knowledgeable and were able to provide me many services I needed. Recommend them for anyone and everyone!"
Imani Teasley
Fashion Manager
Joseph Reggi, Vodchits Innovations Client
"The owner is very professional, reliable, and dedicated to his work. Always puts the client first and brings an extensive knowledge of information technology to your company. Vodchits Innovation delivers results!"
Joseph Reggi
Dealer Services Analyst
Jivielle Agustin, Vodchits Innovations Client
"The team at Vodchits Innovations Corp is amazing and fast with solutions considering I live all the way in NJ. They personally spoke to me face-to-face about my business and what we should do to develop it and put it into existence. Can’t thank them enough for encouraging me and I know I’m in safe hands with them!"
Jivielle Agustin
Recreational Assistant
Maria Sanchez, Vodchits Innovations Client
"These guys are professional, thorough, and courteous. Very good place for gaining traffic for your website and social media. I would highly recommend these guys without hesitation."
Maria Sanchez
Spanish Philologist
Andrew Zheleznov, Vodchits Innovations Client
"Computers, computer networks, the Internet, digital marketing – the guys in this field are real professionals. If you want to develop yourself or your business, go to these guys – they will do everything qualitatively, quickly and effectively. Many thanks personally to Arthur!"
Andrew Zheleznov
Gas Station Entrepreneur

Long Island City and Astoria SEO Special Offer

For our neighbors, small and medium-sized businesses, we offer special conditions and special offers for search engine optimization services.

The basic conditions of the program are simple: your company must be a small or medium-sized business and your office must be located in one of the following bordering areas:

Special offers and discounts are available for businesses in

Contact us by phone or using the contact form and ask about the SEO discount program and one of our specialists will tell you how to get a discount and start promoting your website on favorable terms.

You can view the full terms and conditions of the special offers program for local customers on the announcement page in the newsroom section of our blog.

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Does search engine optimization still matter in 2024?

Yes, in 2024, search engine optimization is still relevant and works. The content needs to be higher quality, and more attractive, there are a lot of technical details related to mobile optimization and so on, but a business can still benefit from search engine optimization. Millions of users use search engines daily, many looking for local goods and services. Google alone processes 99,000 search queries every second. Some of those searches could lead to your website!

Due to its complexity and competitive nature, the minimum period for obtaining visible results is 6 to 9 months and varies from project to project depending on the allocated resources.

Achieving positive results from search engine optimization requires certain qualifications, time, and patience. This is because increasing the amount of content, improving its quality and structure, as well as general website usability improvement and some other important elements of SEO take time to build, fine-tune, and test.

With that said, it is worth noting that the positive effect of search engine optimization has a positive impact on the strategic goals of business development and brings many positive benefits to the business.

Both, search engine optimization and PPC advertising are integral parts of search engine marketing and digital marketing in general.

Search Engine Optimization delivers strategic results in the medium term, requires effort and time, and serves to strategically strengthen your business and remain effective in the medium to long term. High-quality optimized content continues to appear in searches, attracting traffic, leads, and visitors.

PPC advertising on the other hand gives instant results in the form of visitors, leads, and customers to your website and is more suitable for achieving operational tactical results and does not remain effective in the medium term. As soon as advertising stops, your business disappears from visibility. Cost per click varies from industry to industry and can reach up to $40 per click.

As a good practice, to achieve a harmonious and effective result, companies rely on both types of search marketing in certain proportions changing over time. Because SEO takes time to generate content and get it organized and optimized, businesses rely more on PPC advertising initially. Over time, as content increases and quantity and quality improve, businesses will rely more on search engine optimization and less on PPC advertising.

Since the release of ChatGPT into the public domain, the idea of quickly achieving results with easily generated content has been on the minds of many.

However, it is worth noting that the use of artificially generated content directly violates the terms of the use of Google services. It is worth keeping in mind that Google is capable of recognizing content artificially generated in this way. Simply copying and pasting will not bring useful results, but can harm the ranking of your site. Oour team has confirmed this experimentally.

At the same time, advanced AI systems or chatbots like ChatGPT can increase efficiency in searching and analyzing information to grow your business and market your products and services, which is part of successful search engine optimization.

In other words, the use of smart chatbots should be balanced and deliberate.

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