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What Is SEO Website Audit And What Is It Used For?

Many website owners do not understand the importance of conducting an SEO Audit. Not everyone realizes that website creation is only the first step on the way to its successful work. Promotion and its correct setting is a colossal work, which is designed to popularize a specific Internet resource. To ensure that a web source has the highest position and raise the awareness of it among potential customers, a lot of special skills and knowledge in the field of promotion and optimization are required.

SEO audit of a site is a full-fledged analysis of a site for compliance with the requirements of search engines, a detailed analysis of a site for technical errors, as well as an assessment of its usability and attractiveness for users. All this is done to understand the necessary tools and methods to improve the quality of the website, and therefore to attract targeted traffic and the successful development of the web resource as a whole. In other words, with the help of an SEO audit, you can understand in detail what specific aspects and elements of its components prevent it from being promoted in search engines and what measures should be taken to eliminate all sorts of errors.

Search Engine Optimization Audit is an in-depth analysis of a website for more than several hundred different factors in order to understand how it meets the criteria and requirements of search engines. In general, the SEO audit is the first and necessary stage before starting the comprehensive promotion of the entire resource.

Also, this analysis should be carried out on a regular basis, since search algorithms are constantly being improved, which means that many search site audit tactics are getting outdated and require improvements or even a complete revision.

Who And When Needs Website Audit?

So, who needs it? Anyone who has a website that still can’t get to the top lines of search engine results for the required queries should conduct a website SEO audit. This procedure is applicable to the absolute majority of entrepreneurs who have their own Internet resource, which is not very popular. Although it should be noted that the sites that occupy leading positions in search results also resort to auditing for prevention purposes.

There are several main factors that should be considered if you decide to implement an SEO audit of your website:
1) New/Young site

2) The need to improve the site as a whole

3) Low amount of requests/traffic

4) Visitor complaints

5) Advertising launch

6) Niche specifics (Resource orientation for the sale and promotion of unique goods/services in a segment with high competition)

Below are the stages when a site audit is highly advisable for implementation:
1) During revision.

2) Before preparing for promotion.

3) During the process of promotion.

In general, conducting an SEO audit of the site will be relevant at any stage of its creation and development.

As a result, we can say that a website audit is a necessity for everyone who seeks to increase conversion and traffic on a personal site. It follows from this that a website audit is needed by everyone who has not yet done it.

Website Audit Types

In addition to the direct SEO-Audit of the site, there are also such types of audit as:

Technical Audit
The main task of a technical audit is to check the technical and software capabilities of your site. This type of analytics will help identify code errors that prevent search robots from processing information from the site. Technical audit includes analysis of page loading speed, HTML validity check, identification of broken URLs, installation of content copy protection, and more.

Usability Audit
A usability audit is, obviously, a check of an Internet resource for its convenience for users. In this case, you need to take into account the activity of the average user of the resource and provide for the most comfortable conditions for using the site, menu, search, switching between pages/goods/services, etc.

Usability analysis aims at the following objectives: the website interface should be an intuitive, modern design, adaptable to any device, the website should be visually pleasing and not repelling from page browsing (“nice” fonts, colors, and backgrounds, no annoying inserts and other components), and so on.

Marketing Audit
The area of ​​work of marketing audit can be called compliance of your web resource with the expectations of potential customers, as well as your competitiveness in the Internet market. The main trend of absolutely any modern advertising industry is to move to the Internet market. The site should be easy to find at the request of the audience interested in your products and services. A marketing audit involves determining the positioning of a company on the Internet and the tasks of its resource, an analysis of the marketing policy of competing companies, an analysis of the traffic of an Internet resource, clarification of the exact characteristics of the target audience, as well as the best ways to advertise on the Internet.

Content Analysis
This type of audit is one of the most important. Even an otherwise perfectly well-designed website will not get promoted without unique and interesting content. It involves working with audio, video, images, and text. The content of this audit includes checking the relevance of meta tags, the presence of headings, assessment of the uniqueness of content, design of articles according to SEO, and the like.

Checking and Preparing Landing Pages.
This type of audit involves choosing the best way to create or modify tags such as title, description, and page titles. This also leads to an increase in the efficiency of the pages of your resource at the top for search robots and global search engine promotion in total.

Comprehensive Audit
A comprehensive audit involves a collection of parts of other types of audit, analyzing all the components of a website. It includes most of all the above, from the speed of loading pages and their technical reliability, to the correspondence of the color scheme of the company logo to its location relative to the order basket. In other words, there can be no “unimportant” trifles in an effective business.

The very same CEO Audit can be conditionally divided into an External and Internal one.

Internal Optimization involves working with elements that affect the ranking of a site to one degree or another. For example website structure, its relevance, content uniqueness, indexing rates and metadata, service folders, and many other factors. The internal audit allows you to understand what exactly needs primary optimization in accordance with the actual requirements of search engines, as well as draw up a work plan and set deadlines.

External Optimization includes the analysis of the current link mass of the site and the quality of donors, anchor list, the history of link accumulation. An analysis of user behavior is carried out in order to understand where the traffic to the site is coming from and to identify the preferred promotion channels. With the wrong link-building strategy, the site can fall under the sanctions of search engines, so it is important to correct the existing mistakes and think over a new promotion strategy.

Benefits Of SEO Audit

SEO Audit itself is a global benefit that contains lots of great and positively affecting advantages for you as well as for your web resource and business as a whole. Below are the main benefits that stand out in particular:

1) Increased Traffic Volume
2) Reveal Current Weaknesses
3) Enhanced Usability of Web Resource
3) Identifying Competition
4) Improved Organic Search Visibility
5) Better Conversion Rates
6) Discover Potential Revenue Sources
7) Improved Keyword Distribution
8) Identify and Repair Offsite and Onsite Problems
9) Entirely Improve Information Structure
10) Perfect SEO As A Result

Do You Eventually Need SEO Website Audit?

The answer here is extremely simple. If you are striving to increase the growth of your traffic on a resource on a large scale and want to further develop your website, you definitely need it.

Based on the above, it can be understood that when you implement SEO Audit, you will receive an excellent website at the output, which will be perfectly perceived by search engines and carry a useful component for the users.

The audit procedure can be taken as a step-by-step algorithm of actions that will allow you to understand where to start and how to build a promotion strategy, taking into account:

1) Behavioral factors

2) Traffic increase

3) ROI increase

4) Raising your website by positions in the search results

Improve your website to perfection by maximizing your traffic growth with SEO Audit! Vinnocorp always has you covered!

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