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Employee IT Training


The preparedness and experience of personnel in their field of activity is the basis for the further development and global success of any company. When you mention the IT sphere, the importance of these aspects even multiple times increases since most of the industries of the modern world depend on IT technologies and processes. Obviously, highly qualified employees perform tasks more efficiently, promptly, and with the least amount of faults and errors. Therefore, for faster and more efficient growth of your business, you should invest in the education and skills improvement of your IT department.

Vodchits Innovations Corp. has been implementing creative and successful IT training programs for many years. We help various corporations upgrade and develop their business prospects and possibilities by training their employees in modern IT technologies and the intricacies of the IT sector in general. Thus, we offer a wide range of IT services for the training and development of your employees. Your company will receive educated experts in the necessary IT niche, which will increase its productivity, professionalism, and level of customer confidence as well.


The incompetence of an employee can jeopardize your project, the whole business, as well as the reputation of your company. But don’t mind yourself with that issue anymore, Vinnocorp is here to help you to improve your business!

We provide our clients with lots of IT trainings in different spheres of IT craft, so your staff can gain the professional knowledge they need. Even the most skilled employees of yours have to improve their abilities to meet your business’ needs as it expands and evolves. Every consistent computer training is totally personalized with a customized and unique approach that meets your business needs and goals, as well as all your specialties.

We practice both INDIVIDUAL and GROUP IT Trainings. When studying individually, an employee will undoubtedly gain the necessary experience and knowledge much faster. Moreover, we value time and offer accelerated training programs. Studying in a group, your employees will be able to acquire new skills and develop more communication skills, as well as exchange experiences with like-minded people, which has additional benefits.

We conduct classes IN-PERSON, but there is also the possibility of ONLINE TRAININGS, including thematic WEBINARS.  If your employees do not have time, or you do not have the opportunity to provide them, online training then is the best solution. They can be carried out from anywhere including directly at the workplaces of the company. For large groups, corporate training in a webinar format will also be relevant.

In addition to employee training, we also offer Executive Leadership and TRAINING PROGRAMS for IT MANAGERS. With well-trained managers, you will directly improve and secure the future of your business and its continued prosperity. Our sessions will turn your employee into a manager of their department, instilling in him the appropriate knowledge and leadership qualities. The education that we provide will improve their certain knowledge, skills, and abilities of management in total.


Employee Common Training and Development

Cybersecurity Training 

Digital Marketing Training

Training on working with CRM and other corporate programs

Employee Training for Teams

Leadership Training

Corporate Training

Organizational Development Consulting

Vision and Values of a Company

Change Management

Business Operations Review

Initiative Planning and Implementation training

Conflict Management Skills

Mediation of Conflicts

Team Building

Group Process Consultation

Program Implementation and Usage

Diagnostic Discussion 

And many other programs and trainings from Vinnocorp! We not only develop the skills of your employees in a specific IT field but also increase their motivation, which leads to an improvement in labor productivity in general.



By developing and gaining new knowledge, as well as mastering new technologies, employees increase the overall productivity of your business.


Having reliable and professional potential leaders in your field, you will be able to adapt to changes and innovations in technology and customer needs as the company grows.


The more your employees are capable of themselves, the more independent they become, respectively, taking away some of the previously necessary attention and time from you.


The better an employee is trained in his craft, the more satisfaction he gets from his job, accordingly reducing the number of absenteeism and lateness for work, as well as discarding the possibility of his dismissal and increasing the potential for productivity in general.


Organized expert training increases the success and results of tasks performed by employees, which enhances quality control and positively affects the relationship with customers.


When mastering new material, people usually have a desire to share it with their like-minded people, and also motivate them to teamwork. Through constant communication with colleagues, a team spirit is developed, and among them the level of education in this area increases, which also has an extremely positive effect on productivity.


Continuous development and training of employees in new technologies and knowledge will help make them extremely experienced experts in their field. Thus, minimizing the failure of their tasks at work and increasing the speed and quality of execution.


Highly qualified employees who are constantly developing and learning something new are most likely to help your business develop better strategies and new products, uniquely contributing to an increase in the company’s profits and its global success in general.


> Personalized Approach

We realize that every single case is unique and important, as such you will be served at the highest level. We’ll go over everything you need through a collaborative effort so you’ll be satisfied throughout the whole journey. 

> Professionalism And Experience

Our experts have over 10 years of experience in the IT Training area, with many talented specialists graduated and companies satisfied with new experts!

> Most Contemporary Training Approach

Thanks to our cutting-edge equipment and techniques, we provide your employees with modern training approaches so that they will be at the forefront of computer equipment and systems.

> Fixed Convenient Prices

We offer IT Training services without any hidden costs that are affordable for all customers. Call or email us to get started on a quote.

> Loyalty Program

Check out our discount system to make our collaboration even more profitable! 

> Wide Range of Services and Programs

Our abundant years of experience allow us to offer numerous services that will target and achieve your goals. Thus, Vodchits Innovations Corp provides you with a really diverse spectrum of trainings to educate your employees and make them the best experts in their field! 

Invest in your employees today to have your business on top tomorrow!

More IT Services For You

Keep your business secured, and up and running with your own experienced IT department without breaking the bank!

Cover your IT needs when you need them based on a predictable one-time payment. No obligations, and no monthly subscription.

Build, tune, and secure your cloud with our IT pros. Offsite your business computer resources and access them easily in an on-demand capacity via the Internet.

Allow IT experts to take care of your server infrastructure while keeping your expenses down and fully focusing on your business.

Create, maintain, and optimize your databases with experienced database administrators, improving cost and work efficiencies for your business.

Design and set up a new computer network or ensure the stable and secure operation of the existing one. Safely and efficiently connect your resources with stakeholders wherever and whenever.

Organize enterprise data storage reliably safeguarding your corporate information up to military standard while maintaining acceptable user-friendliness.

Tell your story with a new mobile-friendly website. Smooth user experience and the latest web technologies to fit any project and any business!

Regain access and functionality to your IT infrastructure after events like a natural disaster, cyber attack, critical malfunction, or other business disruptions.

Expert data recovery from digital media and storage devices. The latest tools and methods to restore data from HDDs, SSDs, USB drives, memory cards, RAID, etc.

Remote or on-site rapid and professional fix of your software or hardware issues with desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Resolve various IT issues quickly and easily with an experienced team of certified technical support help desk specialists.

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