About Us


We are technology and innovation, modern solutions to actual everyday tasks and problems for businesses.

The inspiration to unite a talented team, the enthusiasm to spread the progress to create something big, something useful for society and businesses in general and for every person, in particular, dates back our company to November 2016. The name of the company consists of three words: Vodchits – the name of the founder; Innovations – the focus of our work; Corp – indicates the organizational structure of our company. You can also find us as VINNOCORP, which is our name’s acronym. The implied meaning is the use of innovative technology, cutting edge IT solutions and the best industry practices to help people and businesses thrive and achieve their goals. The main activities of the company are concentrated in the field of IT Consulting and Management, Cybersecurity, and Digital Marketing. In general, the company’s revenue sources are diversified.

Our mission is to help businesses to interact more efficiently with technology, to find and apply suitable technological solutions, to organize business processes, transform an enormous amount of available data into usable information to enable quick and effective decision-making. Every day, Vodchits Innovations Corp helps businesses around the globe achieve their goals and thrive by applying innovative technological solutions. The main principle of the company is the belief that the best result can and should be achieved under any circumstances. The work of the company’s employees is based on the motto: “Do good or do not do it at all!” We love our work and all the details of the process are important to us. At the same time, the company identifies the following key strategic values and priorities in the activities of the entire firm and each employee.

Our values


The development of our professional knowledge, skills and experience, the desire to perform work at the highest professional level by our firm is recognized as a value that we pledge to support and stimulate.


Positive reputation of the company is one of the most important and valuable assets that is created by years and not by one person. Accordingly, our reputation is our business of each of us; it is a value that we must methodically build and ardently protect.

Satisfied Customer

For us, customer satisfaction with our work and service means more than property benefits from work. All our actions should be aimed at understanding the client and surpassing their expectations.


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